J.C. Higgins- Vintage Golf Clubs named after a Bookkeeper

J.C. Higgins brand origin story: From 1908 until 1962, Sears, Roebuck & Company sold a wide variety of sporting goods and recreational equipment, including bicycles, golf clubs, guns, fishing gear, baseballs, gloves and bats,  boxing gear, and even a line of luggage under the brand name “J. C. Higgins.” These products were well made and […]

H & B Golf Clubs/ Powerbilt Golf Clubs, an Iconic and Historic Club Maker

I’ve come across a few H & B golf clubs (Hillerich & Bradsby Co.)  in my travels, which is cool because they stopped being made as H & B and switched to the name Powerbilt in 1934. That means the clubs I’ve found were made in the range of 1918-1934. I used the ones I […]

Vintage Golf Clubs and where I find them, The Thrill of the Hunt

Vintage golf clubs, I love ’em! It’s been a great source of joy to me that as a part of my business I’ve had thousands of them pass through my hands over the years. Some of them I’ve held onto, especially some cool old putters and wedges. Some of them I have kept and play […]

Left Eye Dominant Right-Handed Golfer, and how to tell if you’re one

I’m a right-hander who is left eye dominant, and I learned this late in life, in my 40’s. Knowing it has made a difference for things like my jump shot in basketball, and in golf. Here’s some of what I’ve learned about being a left eye dominant right handed golfer: Left Eye Dominant Putting: The […]

Bagger Vance

  Bagger Vance! I’ve Been making my classic reclaimed wood with vintage golf club, hand-lettered signs in the shop this week. Small Batch, Hand Made in Efland, NC. ??. This Bagger Vance design is new in the shop. (Link to item). I love Steven Pressfield’s writing!  If you haven’t read Bagger Vance, I recommend it, […]

Walter Hagen, Remember to Smell The Flowers

 I find a lot of vintage Hagen clubs at the thrift stores, he was popular in his heyday, and his popularity sold a lot of clubs.  Hagen is one of the best professional golfers to play the game. He was featured in the great golf book and movie, “The Greatest Game Ever Played”, and also […]