About The Golf Artist:

Mark Cool plays golf regularly at his country course in Rougemont, NC, sometimes up to 5 times a week. He walks and carries his bag always. He loves the rhythm of hitting and walking after the ball, the zen of being in nature and of noticing his emotions and degree of attachment to results. 

The Golf Artist
Mark Cool, AKA The Golf Artist in one of his happy places, on the golf course!

The artist is an avid reader of books on golf- stories, history, instruction, philosophy. Among his favorites are The Greatest Game Ever Played, Golf in the Kingdom, Bob Rotella’s books, and Every Shot Must Have A Purpose. 

He enjoys researching quotes from golf greats, golf movies and books and testing them out to see what his customers like. Some custom order quote requests have become regular items in the store. 

Cool has a fascination with things from a bygone era, and he loves collecting old golf clubs and golf gear and learning about them. He enjoys the thrill of the hunt for cool vintage and antique golf clubs and golf artifacts like head covers, ball markers, divot fixers, and vintage leather bags to use in his art.

He picks up broken golf tees while he plays golf and incorporates them into art as well. 

The golf artist’s workshop sits on 3 wooded acres with a creek in Efland, NC. It is open by appointment, and he also holds open studio events a few times a year, as well as attending some art and craft shows in the Southeast Region.

“Mark Cool loves the thrill of the hunt for cool vintage relics, reclaiming wood and found materials to make his art. Salvaging all his materials, his passion is to rescue cast-off stuff and give it new life almost in a historic preservation kind of way. Self-taught, his assemblages and sculptures capture a rustic and primitive spirit.”
-New York City Art Curator, Jason Andrew
Cool is also a folk artist working with reclaimed wood and found objects. He does gallery shows and arts and crafts shows in the Southeast region of the US. You can find his folk art assemblages at ivegotahammer on IG, FB, Pinterest, Etsy, and his own site, ivegotahammer.com.

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