H & B Golf Clubs/ Powerbilt Golf Clubs, an Iconic and Historic Club Maker

I’ve come across a few H & B golf clubs (Hillerich & Bradsby Co.)  in my travels, which is cool because they stopped being made as H & B and switched to the name Powerbilt in 1934. That means the clubs I’ve found were made in the range of 1918-1934.

I used the ones I found on reclaimed wood golf plaques. They’re in someone’s home or office now, on the wall with a quote. A cool piece of history.

H & B golf clubs/ Powerbilt golf
A cool H & B golf club that I found recently

This company started in 1855, and became a leading maker of baseball bats, Hillerich & Bradsby and Lousiville Slugger, some of the most popular baseball bats of all time, used by major league baseball greats past and present. They started making golf clubs in 1918 under the H & B name and switched to Powerbilt in 1934, also providing clubs for some golfing greats who won many tournaments including 8 majors with them.

It’s fun for me to find these clubs and to know the history of the company because I grew up in a baseball family and used H & B bats., AND, I’m a golf lover and I geek out on the history of the game and gear.

Some of the early clubs made by H & B have fun retro names like Invincible Iron, Lo-Skore Putter, Pyrotone Chipper, and Grand Slam Putter.

As an entrepreneur, I love that the company has endured for over 100 years, family run for three generations, and that they’ve had huge success with Golf and with baseball bats. 

PowerBilt has enjoyed a rich history in professional golf including such being played by such outstanding players as Isao Aoki, Miller Barber, Frank Beard, Charles Coody, Bill Kratzert, Bobby Nichols, Fuzzy Zoeller, Larry Mize, Steve Lowery, Kenny Perry, Leonard Thompson, Chip Beck, Jodie Mudd, Ted Schultz, and Grant Waite.

Many others who have played individual drivers or iron sets have also won through the years. These players have led to over 140 professional tour wins including 8 Major Championships won by PowerBilt contract Tour Professionals. Below is a list of those Major victories:

1932 PGA Championship – Olin Dutra (H & B golf clubs).

1934 US Open – Olin Dutra (H & B golf clubs).

1964 PGA Championship – Bobby Nichols

1967 Masters – Gay Brewer

1971 Masters – Charles Coody

1979 Masters – Fuzzy Zoeller

1984 US Open – Fuzzy Zoeller

1987 Masters – Larry Mize

In 2017, the Powerbilt division was sold to private investors. 

8 thoughts on “H & B Golf Clubs/ Powerbilt Golf Clubs, an Iconic and Historic Club Maker

  1. Chris Kellas

    I found a 2,3,4 woods at a thrift store. Excellent condition for a $1. I was wondering how to decipher the numbers and letters on the bottom ?

    1. The Golf Artist

      I’m not sure. I’d go to the Powerbilt/ H & B site and see if they have a guide.

  2. Pamela Sollars

    I found a 3 wood with this registered number H&B “BN46830”. Can you tell me anything about this club? It belonged to my father who passed away in 2007 at the age of 90.

    1. The Golf Artist

      Sorry for the delayed reply! I don’t know anything about it off the top of my head. If you’re looking for value, ebay is often helpful. For infom google search/ wiki, or the hillerich and Bradsby site.

      1. Pamela Moormeier Sollars

        Thx…just wondering. I have no intention of selling bc the club belonged to my dad. But thanks anyway.

      2. The Golf Artist

        Sure thing. Those old clubs are cool!

  3. Anthony Criscione

    Hi Golf Artist! I have a full set of H&B Powerbilt Countess clubs that was given to us from her late aunt. She barely used them at all around the late 90’s early 2000’s and would’ve been purchased around that time.do you know what the value of these are?

  4. Scott Blanton

    Just bought a set of TPS irons off ebay from the mid nineties anyone have an opinion of these clubs they are graphite shafted with original grips

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