Left Eye Dominant Right-Handed Golfer, and how to tell if you’re one

I’m a right-hander who is left eye dominant, and I learned this late in life, in my 40’s. Knowing it has made a difference for things like my jump shot in basketball, and in golf.

Here’s some of what I’ve learned about being a left eye dominant right handed golfer:

Left Eye Dominant Putting:
The first thing is with putting, which is a biggie in golf for shaving strokes. After a bunch of research and testing quite a few putters I found that a flat blade, zero offset putter works best. Most articles I read recommended a center shafted over a heel shafted model. My experience has been that heel shafted, flat blade putters work a lot better than any with offset, but I definitely seem to see the line better with a center shafted zero offset.

For the flat blades, the classic Acushnet Bullseyes have a super-simple head style and a nice feel. There are plenty of them on ebay if you want to try one out. I have a TP Mills heel shafted zero offset that is great too. Carbite makes some nice mallets with a good feel as well  

For center shafted models, I have been using a Carbite mallet, and I love it. 

Stance- I’ve found that having the stance slightly open is helpful, positioning the ball under the left eye. 

Other notes regarding left eye dominant right handed golf:

Jack Nicklaus is a left eye dominant right-hander. If you watch his set up and swing, he tilts his head to the right at address, so that his left eye is looking at the back of the ball. In theory this allows him to have the right perspective to be able to rotate his shoulders fully during the backswing and to see the ball well on the down swing. Something for the rest of us left eye dominants to try to emulate. At least there’s plenty of footage of Jack’s golf swing to watch and learn from!

Famous Left Eye dominant Right Handed Golfers:

Not only Nicklaus, but some of the greatest golfers of all time have had this orientation, including- palmer, Kite, Crenshaw, Hogan, Stadler, and even Tiger Woods.  According to an article on myhome4golf, the majority of touring golf pros have cross dominance, which is the opposite of the general population, where 75-80% of people have same eye/ same hand dominance.

For myself,  here are a few things i’ve noticed about my grip and swing as a left eye dominant reight handed golfer:

At times I’ve gotten a little bit hooky, and I think that I have had a tendency to close the club face a degree or two at address. Sometimes I can cure the hook just by opening it a couple of degrees, at least to my eye.

With the grip, if I’m hitting it straight, my left thumb appears to me to be at about 12 o’clock on the grip at address. That roughly coincides with the oft-dispensed advice about seeing one to two knuckles on the left hand at address. I err towards 1 to hit it straight. 

That’s just my experience, take it for what it’s worth. at this writing, I play part-time and score usually around 41-45 per 9 holes.

How to test for eye dominance:

Hold your hands at arm’s length and make a window with your thumbs and forefingers. Look through the window at an object in the distance. Now close your left eye. If the object is centered, you are right eye dominant, if not, close your right eye. If the object is centered after closing your right eye, you are left eye dominant. 

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